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Speech / Language Goals

IEP goals relating to speech / language development:

1. initiate interactions with peers and adults to gain attention, make requests, or relate information.

2. engage in give and take of rudimentary conversation, maintaining topic without perseveration, for at least two exchanges.

3. identify and express basic descriptive (big/little, hot/cold) and spatial concepts (under, in front of, in, on, out, off)

4. follow two-step related and unrelated commands in a variety of structured settings.

5. express prepositions (on, under, off, behind)

6. express possessive marker 's' appropriately.

7. answer 'wh' questions about immediate and recently occurring events with picture cues.

8. use early conversation devices, using eye contact, maintaining joint attention for at least two exchanges.

9. use the pronoun "I" to refer to himself / herself appropriately.

10. initiate verbal interaction with peers.

11. maintain conversational topic with partner for 3 exchanges.

12. express age expected morpho-syntactical structures such as auxiliary verbs, copulas (forms of 'be'), and possessive markers.
(umm... maybe some of our SLP friends can help translate that one for us? I'm sure they explained it to us at the time but it's been a while)

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I've started adding IEP goals here, will continue to add more as time permits. These are all from our own IEP's, intended to be used as reference for other families who may be working to develop IEP goals for their own children.

I decided to group them by focus area, you can use the drop-down menu under "topics" or search to find specific areas of interest.

Some goals are similar to others, but represent a progression over time (ie. with adult facilitation, independently, etc.).

If this is helpful, or not helpful, or if you have any suggestions, feel free to email me at:
3runningincircles [at] gmail [dot] com


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